1. Make sure glass shelves & table tops are pre-wrapped prior to your move.

2. Unhook and drain appliances.

3. Have lamp shades off of lamps and box up lamps and shades.

4. It’s worth the investment in plastic floor covering. It will protect the floors on moving day. No need to shampoo the carpet in a house you’re moving out of!

5. Have someone at “move out” and “move in” location to direct where you want your belongings.

6. Don’t forget to unhook your electronics and label your cables and properly pack them.

7. Have dressers emptied and the contents packed.

8. Take pictures off the wall and wrap them with shrink wrap.

9. Keep driveways and sidewalks clean as possible (snow & mud). There’s less risk for injury or damaging furniture. This also helps keep floors clean inside.

10. Have bedroom sets taken apart.

11. Have all boxes in the garage ready to load.

12. Make sure all boxes have lids and be taped shut.

13. Be sure to empty the contents of your refrigerator and freezer. We cannot disconnect or reconnect any gas appliance or hardwired electrical appliance such as a chandelier. Upon request, we may disconnect and reconnect washers and dryers, if it is safe to do so. Do not forget dishes left in the dishwasher!

14. We cannot transport flammable liquids, firearms, or explosives. Any type of fuel tank must be emptied before it can be moved.

15. Place packed boxes and loose items, such as items too large to fit in a box, in the garage or near the door they will be loaded from.

16. If all else fails, let us pack for you. Our professional, experienced packing crew will be happy to set an appointment with you.


Movin' On Out is a Sioux Falls based moving company that provides local and regional moving services for households and businesses.